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Dec 18, 2012 5:00am EST
day. but for those who attend sandy hook elementary they are not going to class just yet. hundreds of teachers and staff spent yesterday meet with national experts on children and bereavement and they had meetings with state mental health counselors newtown public schools will open two hours late this morning. >>> as for the sandy hook community when school reopens for those students, they will be relocated at a different building. it's still unclear when school for those kids will resume. 20 children and 6 adults from sandy hook elementary were killed on try. >> and two were killed friday will be laid to rest today. >> the family and friends will say final good-byes to 6-year- old james and 6-year-old jessica. jessica's family is dealing with the pain by talking about their pride and joy. they sat down with amy from abc news for the exclusive. >> reporter: richard and christa say talking about their jessica brings tiny moments of comfort. >> she was a ball of fire. she ruled the roost. she. >> a little crest o we called her. -- ceo we called her she was the boss. >> reporter: when
Dec 24, 2012 5:00am EST
the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >>> the tragedy at sandy hook elementary school has some lawmakers push fog tighter gun control official in our state are calling for change. >> reporter: it's going to be a busy day for malls and stores around the area. i am linda so live at the mall in columbia. some of the benefits of waiting until the last-minute before holiday shopping. >> the rains take down the defending superbowl champs ending the 3-game losing streak. we will tell you why it's such big news for the guys in purple and black. exciting news on this monday morning. happy christmas eve. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. charley has the day off and hopefully he is sleeping in because it's good sleep in weather. here's meteorologist lynette charles to tell you what to expect for today. >> you need that extra blanket on the bed. you are waking up this morning and going shopping i know a lot of you procrastinators but bundle up as you head out. look at temperatures in hereford at 31. very dry air in place. dew points in the mid to low 20s this morning. 31 r
Dec 27, 2012 5:00am EST
superstorm sandy but now they're getting help. the federal government sent more than $1 million in aid to superstorm sandy victims. fema received hundreds aapplications and they're still processing the requests. the obama administration initially denied any aide to individualing living in somer -- individuals living in somerset county but since reversed that division. >>> in for round two? >> round two by saturday megan and charlie. over to the boards and show you through the course of the morning we'll be right around 36 degrees. lunchtime lot of clouds. windy at 37. we'll be flirting with the 40 for much of the afternoon. but the story is the wind and the wind will make it feel like it's around the freezing mark. here's that storm system from yesterday pulling up to the canadian maritimes. cloudy skies behind it and here we go out to the rockies another system that will be the saturday event we've been headlining through the morning. 39 today and 40 for friday and wintry mix moves in over the weekend. pretty chilly overall forecast with temperatures into the upper 30s to around 40 d
Dec 7, 2012 4:55am EST
report the forecast was not good. the devastation done by sandy long been expected to result in a disappointing number of hires. investors may shrug it off viewing it as temporary. and students in the repavement loan program are getting hope. it is more favorable to borrowers. >>> apple will be able to add the made in america label to products bowing to criticism it will invest the production of some mac computers back to the u.s. >>> brace yourselves for one more shopping marathon. many mac. why's stores will be open for 48 hours the weekend before christmas. it will give shoppers extra time with the sales. that's america's money. >>> the video was difficult to watch, a brutal beating, now one of the people appears in court. >>> could your text be used against you f police get their way, yes. we'll bring you the request to keep the messages on file
Dec 26, 2012 5:00am EST
in their birth care suite. >>> the tiniest victims of the sandy hook massacre are being remembered today with services around the country. >> yeah. stay with us this morning, we'll tell you how the nation's center of worship is paying tribute to the children who were lost so tragically. >>> also what we can expect to learn about children and gun violence from a new report due out in the spring. >>> good morning. topping "america's money," it's back to the malls. today is expected to be the fifth businessiest shopping day of the year, fueled by deep discounts expected at many stores. retailers were disappointed by this year's weak holiday sales and will try to make up lost ground now. >>> the wall street journal reports the obama administration is thinking of expanding its refinancing programs. borrowers whose mortgages aren't backed by the dpoft and who owe more than their homes are worth may be eligible soon. >>> meanwhile, a top economist from moody's believes housing will be one of the bright spots of the economy next year. he says housing will continue to improve over the next thr
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5